Torild Storvik Malmedal

Sculpture, graphic and glass-art
The expression in Torild`s artwork is a reflection of the Nordic nature and the existence life that surrounds her. The powerful mountains, blue glacier`s, and the turquoise  give`s her the inspiration to the compositions both in sculpture, glass and graphic.
Her art capture a moment of time, a glimpse of a wonder of the elements, and give the viewer a sensuous, peaceful and meditative experience.
Malmedal has had several exhibition`s and major commissions in Norway and abroad, also sculptureprojects in collaboration international.  
She is affiliated stone companies in Norways biggest stone municipality Eide and also in Italy, Carrara, Tuscany. In several periods a year she lives and work in Carrara where she sculpt monumental works in marble from the Michelangelo quarry, sometimes further transported  to Norway for exhibitions.
Torild has a solid background in the craftsmanship techniques she uses, both in graphic, sculpture and casting in glass and bronze. She has membership in several art association`s in Norway and abroad.